Driven Incubation – Open Call for Projects

Driven Incubation – Open Call for Projects

Driven Incubation – Open Call for Projects 2000 1182 Francesco Cingolani

IMAGE CREDITS : Workskape (Thibault, LĂ©nart, Guillaume, Jami) by Digital Discrete Laboratory The Digital Discrete Laboratory is a pilot collective aimed at developing a new generation of digital material based on modular assembly systems. The project is one of the 4 incubated projects selected for the BETA version of DRIVEN.

At Volumes we started Reflow European research project (check the new website here) about Circular Economy on June 2010. Beginning of 2020, after 4 months of intense work to define features, orientations and strategy of the incubation program, we selected within our local ecosystems and networks 4 projects to incubate in the so called BETA version of the DRIVEN by Volumes incubation program.

Main criteria for selection at this stage was those projects capacity to respond to specific challenges of circular economy investigated in Reflow in order to build better circular cities in Europe. We intended to crash test our incubation program with these 4 selected projects until the end of the BETA phase scheduled on August 31st.

After 6 months of tests, workshops and a lot of online meetings, we are now ready to launch our first Open Call for projects to join DRIVEN incubation program in November 2020.

Apply now !

If you are a designer, architect, engineer, entrepreneur, maker, creative technologist, or something in-between all these fields and you run or plan to build a company to tackle circular economy with computational design, this call for projects may be of interest to you.

We aim to incubate projects that could be real demonstrators of the effectiveness of computational design and fabrication strategies from the design phase to industrial production processes.

We are looking for early stage, technology embeddable entrepreneurship projects and ideas that are committed to create an impact in the Circular Economy.

  • Early stage
    We think about technology as an independent agent for change, opening new fields to be explored instead of answering questions or solve technical issues.
    By early stage, we mean we are actively seeking projects in their fresh ideation phase that are oriented towards solving some of the key challenges of the DRIVEN program. This means you do not need to have an official company or start-up. We are interested in considering applications from deeply motivated and inspired individuals or groups with a goal of integrating computational design and fabrication into circular economy solutions.
  • Committed to Circular Economy
    We believe design and technology are critical agents for change to help create the more sustainable world of tomorrow. We are looking for highly engaged projects that are deeply committed for the long term.
  • Technology Embeddable
    We are looking for projects and ideas that want and can embed the latest and emerging processes to make a strong contribution towards the positive impact of technology.

For projects who will be selected among the submitted ones to join the incubation, we crafted a package of different features we will offer to selected projects for incubation, including a full online incubation program with 3 key features :

  • DRIVEN Knowledge
    One on one and group mentoring with renowned professionals, entrepreneurs and experts in the fields of advanced computational design.
    Access to online live workshops to upgrade your skills and broaden your vision on computation (beginners and advanced workshops available, check here examples of past workshops) .
  • DRIVEN ecosystem
    Within the program, we provide a supporting team of experts, guidance to tackling specific funding to develop your project, potential connections to partners with concrete needs to embed Circular Economy features in the industry and full access to the digital infrastructure of DRIVEN, including a slack chat access to a community of experts, makers and changemakers.
    Access to the Reflow platform, including shared resources, knowledge, and tools for circular economy to test and accelerate your project at an international level (check our knowledge hub here as an example).

Dimension-Use is an open-source, low-cost, semi-automated 3D scanning system and database which enables the creation of a digital material catalog for reuse.
Dimension Use developed by WAO is one of the 4 incubated projects selected for the BETA version of DRIVEN.

We accept proposal until end of September

The open call for projects closes on September 30th for projects that wish to join the online program in November.

Before submitting a proposal, make sure to read details about the incubation program and to check the guidelines.

DRIVEN is operated by VOLUMES Creative and Productive Hub in Paris.
Volumes is partner of EU Horizon 2020 Reflow Project, which is focusing on co-creating circular resource flows in cities.
Within this context, Volumes is selecting specific ideas and initiatives that can respond to the Reflow challenges. During the current call for projects, the board of experts at Volumes will select 2 special projects which will have free of charge access to a specific track of the DRIVEN incubation program called DRIVEN x REFLOW.

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