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From the curator of DRIVEN: an editorial by Andrea Graziano

From the curator of DRIVEN: an editorial by Andrea Graziano 1267 713 Andrea Graziano

My name is Andrea Graziano. I’m an architect (graduated in 2000) and for more than ten years I had my own architecture studio, mainly focused on big building site drawings and building systems coordination & management. 

Since 2004 I started to be interested in computation as a medium to empower my work and digital expressive capabilities. In 2007, as a “professional curious”, I also started a blog named Digitag& that became relatively well known in the architectural research environment.

In 2009 I organized with Davide Del Giudice and CasArtArc one of the first big events in Italy  about computational design in architecture. AAST [Advanced Architecture Settimo Tokio] was a one-of-a-kind event: 30 international projects exhibited (projects made by computational designers that were young at the time and then became renowned such as Nervous System, Span, Alisa Andrasek, Kokkugia, …), 1 conference, 1 symposium, 5 workshops tutored by international experts working in world-leading architectural firms.

During the same year, I was contacted by DuPont to work as a consultant to understand the potential of computational design strategies in their company. A few months later I was asked to design a series of Corian panels as a proof of concept of it. With Alessio Erioli, Corrado Tibaldi, we designed the “3D Math Serie” panels and DuPont won the gold prize at Batimat 2009.

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