Computational Design X Circular Economy 2nd edition

Introduction to

Digital Fabrication



Digital prototyping workflows

Online workshop

Digital fabrication is a design and manufacturing workflow where digital data directly drives manufacturing equipment to produce all sorts of part geometries.
This workshop will explore the various workflows to implement data driven design for circular economy. We will cover techniques to design with waste or left over from the building industry as input materials, from transforming data into 3d models, to physical prototypes using iterative and agile design processes.

Project name: Les Canaux canopy
Architects: WAO
Construction company : Supercube
In collaboration with: Force Pure Construction, Re-Store by WoMa collective and Vergers Urbains
More info about the project and full credits here.

From the software to the hardware for CNC cutting to additive and subtractive manufacturing tools, the core goal of the workshop is to provide participants with the necessary foundation for creating designs thoughtful of the fabrication and assembly processes with the challenging complexity of circular economy.



Topics and Contents covered during the workshop
  • File preparation for 3d printing / laser cutting / CNC routing
  • Export drawings and data for production
  • Gcode generation for 3d printing / laser cutting / CNC routing
  • Management of custom parts : sorting, labelling
  • Nesting and optimization for parts production
  • A look at advanced Digital Fabrication with parametric design with reused materials



Required Software & Hardware and Skills
  • Rhinoceros 7 (free versions available)
  • A second monitor is highly recommended

The principal software is Rhinoceros 7.0. The 90-day trial version can be downloaded from the website . Grasshopper will be the main computational tool.

Windows operating system is highly recommended since many of the Grasshopper plugins still do not run on Apple IOS operating systems. For the MAC users, we suggest creating a secondary partition using BootCamp and install Windows10.

Credits: ‘CNC Prototyping’ at WoMa – Fabrique de quartier



Calendar and Timetable

From June 7th to 11st, 2021.
4 pm to 8pm (Paris Time).

The workshop is an online learning experience including :

  • 16 hours of live teaching
  • 2 hours of Q&A 
  • 2 hours of independent daily exercises
  • 2 hours final review & discussion
  • Chat support
Day 1
  • Welcome 
  • Introduction + Course overview and goals
  • Introduction to Digital Fabrication
  • Designing for 3d printing: Context
  • Designing for  3d printing: Machining process and Materials
  • Designing for  3d printing: Best Practices & Exporting
  • Break
  • Live Walkthrough: from 3D object to Gcode
  • 3d printing : machine  settings in details
  • Introducing the Final Exercise:  From waste to parts with 3d connectors
  • Final Exercise 1:  Practice
  • Break
  • Final Exercise 1:  Practice
  • Check-in : Q&A / Final Exercise Progress
  • Handout Recommended Readings & References 1
Day 2
  • Welcome + Recommended Readings 1 Discussion
  • Review of Exercise 1
  • A brief look at CNC machining for prototyping
  • Break
  • Designing for Laser Cutting: Context
  • Designing for Laser Cutting: Machining process and Materials
  • Designing for Laser Cutting: Best Practices & Exporting
  • Live Walkthrough: from 3D to 2D for CAM  (Translating, Waffling, Nesting)
  • Independent Exercise 2: Brief
  • Break
  • Independent Exercise 2: Practice
  • Check-in: Q&A / Exercise 2 Progress
  • Handout Recommended Readings & project references 2
Day 3
  • Welcome + Recommended Readings 2 Discussion
  • Review of Exercise 2
  • Designing for CNC Milling: Context
  • Designing for CNC Milling: Machines and Materials
  • Break
  • Designing for CNC Milling: 3-axis Techniques (Cuts, Contour, Pockets, Islands)
  • Live Walkthrough: 3-axis toolpath generations and simulation
  • Introducing the Final Exercise:  From waste to parts with connectors
  • Break
  • Final Exercise :  Practice
  • Check-in: Q&A / Final Exercise Progress
  • Handout Recommended Readings & project references 3
Day 4
  • Welcome + Recommended Readings 3 Discussion
  • Review of Final Exercise first iterations
  • A look at advanced Digital Fabrication with parametric design
  • Final Exercise Iterations
  • Break
  • Walk through : process of a built project
  • Break
  • Check-in: Q&A
  • Final Exercise Final Iterations
  • Handout Recommended Readings & References 4
Day 5
  • Welcome + Recommended Readings & References 4 Discussion
  • Design Studio – One on One Crits
  • Break
  • Group discussion
  • Final comments


Other info

Other practical information
  • Main Language: English
    Tutors and organizers also speak French, Italian and Spanish.
  • Hosted on Zoom
  • Chat support provided on Slack
  • Minimum number of participants: the workshop will be activated with a minimum of 10 participants. Otherwise organizers can make the decision to cancel the event; in this case the tickets will be fully refunded.



About the tutor

Arnaud Delente

Arnaud is an architect DESA HMNOP graduated from Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture in Paris. He developed his thesis focusing on emerging autonomous mobility and digital fabrication processes at the SCIFI Lab. His interests lie in computational design and digital fabrication, scaling from objects to the city. He is currently working as Design Technology Lead at Supercube. He also collaborates at WoMa, a MakerSpace in Paris contributing to the development of digital fabrication in the circular economy. Arnaud also teaches classes and workshops at Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture, Digital Knowledge Department of ENSA Malaquais, IFA Paris and the executive master Design by Data at Ecole des Ponts ParisTech.


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