Computational Design X Circular Economy


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Why a DRIVEN workshop series?

One of the key initiatives of the DRIVEN program is to provide a workshop series for the community. The workshops will provide training as an exploration ground on the four areas of knowledge of DRIVEN: Computational Design, Computational Fabrication, Data Visualization and Machine Learning.
With the workshop series we aim to:


  • Provide beginner training in computational design and digital fabrication to future incubated projects. For that, we crafted two specific beginner workshops.


  • Attract established designers, architects, makers, entrepreneurs that are interested in the topics of the DRIVEN program and are eager to learn more in order to grow a community with a wider sensibility of design within the circular economy.


  • Prototype, test, iterate — the results of the workshops could be the first step to showcase some proof of concepts, create precedents, and fuel further explorations for the incubation.


  • Support incubated projects that could implement circular economy principles in their projects from the initial design phase. We have some very promising applications and we’re looking for more entrepreneurs and designers willing to challenge themselves on such topics.
Rhinoceros and Grasshopper for Beginners

Introduction to Computational Design

Tutored by Eugenio Bettucchi (Noumena)

Computational design applied to a circular economy and reuse of materials allows us to rethink and rearrange existing elements into new layouts suitable for temporary activities in the urban environment.

Next workshop to be announced fall 2020.

Image by Eugenio Bettucchi

Laser Cutting, 3D Printing, CNC Milling for Beginners

Introduction to Digital Fabrication

Tutored by Samantha Melnyk (DRIVEN)

Digital Fabrication is rapidly changing our design-to-production approach — enabling designers to generate novel forms adaptive to immediate feedback on how they can be produced and customized in response to material availability.

Next workshop to be announced fall 2020.

Computational Design x Circular Economy (Advanced)
June 15th to 19th, 2020

Discrete Automation

Tutored by Gilles Retsin (AUAR) & Kevin Saey (AUAR)

In recent years, prefabrication and modularity have made a come-back in architecture, under pressure of an emerging global housing crisis. Discrete Design methods attempt to construct large-scale structures from versatile, pixel-like elements, which are independent from the whole. This discrete capitalises on automation and scalability to ultimately offer a more adaptable and complex forms of architecture.

Credits: Gilles Retsin / AUAR Home-Office
Photography: Studio NAARO

Machine Learning x Circular Economy (Advanced)
June 22nd to 26nd, 2020

Machine Learning for Adaptive Temporary Architecture

Tutored by Mateusz Zwierzycki (Object)

During this workshop the participants will get a chance to learn about machine learning in the design context, with the applications ranging from clustering of elements to space planning applications for generating interior architecture responsive to user needs.



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