Driven to become the first startup studio for the construction industry

Driven to become the first startup studio for the construction industry

Driven to become the first startup studio for the construction industry 1440 753 Francesco Cingolani

IMAGE ABOVE : Prototype of a facade component
reducing CO2 presence in the air thanks to PURE.TECH material. Credits : Noumena

You have not heard from us for a while.


Because we decided to pause and evaluate the work done in the last 2 years with our incubation program. In parallel, we’ve been closing new partnerships to go forward with the vision behind Driven.

The result? 

We are transitioning to a Startup Studio (also called venture studio) model.

A startup studio is a factory that builds startups.

It is a company whose mission is to generate startup ideas and build them into successful independent companies. When the startups spin-off from the studio, Driven Studio holds a share of the generated startups, making it possible to keep feeding the innovation loop and respond to the urgent needs of the construction industry.

While startup studios are a growing business in tech, Driven Studio aims to be the first of its kind operating in and for the construction industry.

Why the construction sector? 

The construction sector is the least automated industry sector and is responsible for 37% of global CO2 emissions, according to the United Nations.

On the other hand, the exponential growth in the fields of advanced technology such as automation, large-scale 3d printing, computation, biomaterials and spatial analytics offer new, massive, unexplored playgrounds in which radical applications can be ideated.

Despite the high potential and rapid development of the above-stated technologies, their implementation in the industry remains extremely shy and slow.

Of course, significant progress has been made in various research institutions worldwide that have the potential to change how we think and produce building components altogether. Likewise, the recent emergence of startups in robotics and AI services has shed the light on the gap between emerging technologies and a slowly adapting construction industry. 

Therefore, Driven Studio aims to reconcile the high potential and rapid developments in the fields with their adoption in the construction sector by offering a bridge of fast market entry for new ideas and applications. 

It is as much a challenge as an urgent responsibility to make impactful, circular, and responsive business implementations.

IMAGE ABOVE: In the current technological context, super early-stage ideation phases of startups are where value creation is maximised through radical solutions.

In order to achieve that, Volumes is partnering up with Aldo Sollazzo as co-founder of the new Driven venture. Aldo successfully founded the tech company Noumena and the startup PURE.TECH, a new material that neutralises greenhouse gases by capturing and converting CO2 into inert materials.

His combined experience in advanced construction and in startup creation comes as a massive piece of expertise that completes the puzzle of skills of the team members at Driven, hence why this news deserves a certain celebration 😉

Not everything is defined yet, and we are still learning how to make it fully operational. We are aware that it will be quite a big challenge, and some pieces of the startup studio framework are still in the design phase. 

Interested in taking on this challenge with us? Simply curious about the process? Get in touch at and take a look at some of Driven’s previously incubated projects here and here.

Driven startup studio spins off from Volumes involvement within the Reflow European project. Are you curious to learn more about Volumes’ abilities to achieve such a challenge and our collective overachieving mindset that simply makes things happen? As an example, you may have heard that we just had the Italian Ministry convert an abandoned baroque villa into a public place for the communities

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